21 November, 2013

Three Months - She's growing too fast...

Can you believe it!  Stephanie is now three months old.  Yes... I say this with all of my babies, but she truly is growing too fast!  Perhaps it's because she is our last baby?  All I know is that time seems to be flying by.

We've made it past what I consider to be the hardest months of a newborns life now.  Stephanie is much more aware of her surroundings.  She's starting to sleep a little better, albeit on her tummy! We've made it to three months of exclusive breastfeeding & still going strong! Just this week she has worked out how to use those teeny fingers to grasp things like the skinny legs on her birdy rattle and her big sisters hair!  She's happy to lie down on the floor for play time now too and is lifting her head like a little champion when she has tummy time. 

I'm starting to sort through Steph's size 0000 and 000 clothes, getting them ready to pass onto other babies.  I think that's when it really starts to hit home about how quickly she is growing!  So many clothes that have never had the chance to be worn!!!

So anyway.... here's little miss Stephanie's three month growth photo.

...and here's the side by side comparison of each month...

This little sweetie just melts my heart like nothing else in this world.

(Oh! apart from her sisters... of course!!!)

PS... Watch this space!  
Because now that things are starting to get easier, I'm hoping to find more time to blog and sew again!  Which is something I'm pretty darn excited about, as you can well imagine.
Normal broadcasting will commence shortly. Hahaha!


  1. She is such a cutie, & looks so much like you. xx

  2. Oh honey she's a sweet pea. I could have written this post too. It is going fast but I'm stopping everyday just to drink in Fraser's wonderfullness, whilst I try and work out how to bottle it up for ever.

  3. Feels like yesterday that Anna was that size, and now she's just about to start school! xx

  4. oh she's adorable, I know what you mean even at 15 and a half it feels like yesterday Samuel was that little it's too darn quick :)

  5. She's adorable! She's looking more and more like you!

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  7. I love that you have the side by side comparisons with the same sheet! She is such a sweetheart.


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