27 October, 2013

Two Months...

I'm a tad late with Stephanie's 2 month growth pic...
 but I suppose it's better late than never!

The time is just whizzing by!  

She's not a fan of sleeping during the day, unless attached to mummy.  Thankfully she sleeps well at night!  

We love her little chats, she goos and gahs and Steph loves it when we sing to her.

I love this side by side comparison.  It shows just how good that mumma's milk is!!!

Can't wait to see the difference next month.


  1. Awww mumma you're doing such a great job, look at her. I wish I'd thought to do a regular pic like this. Fraser is 10 weeks tomorrow and quiet honestly gigantic, he's rivalling 6 month old for weight gain he is gaining on them quick.

  2. Going by quickly alright. She's grown so much!

    Anne xx

  3. She has grown heaps! Amazing how quick it flies by! xx

  4. Gosh they grow fast don't they. She is adorable x

  5. Two months already, gosh, time is going so quickly. Adorable little girl

  6. Growing so much, she's just adorable Cass

  7. Wow! She's grown so much! That two months has really flown by. Where's the pause button? These girls of ours will be in high school before we know it!


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