18 September, 2013

One Month....

As predicted, time is just flying by!  Our lovely little Stephanie is 6 weeks old today.  

Can you believe it!!!

(posted on instagram today)

Today we went to Steph's 6 week check up... ouchy needles included.  She has pretty much doubled her birth weight now and is 4.3kg (approx 9lb 4oz).... so obviously loving her Mumma's milk!  She quite the little guzzler!  We're starting to see a few smiles and she just adores her big sisters.

Last week I decided to start measuring Stephanies' growth by taking photos of her on the Vintage Striped Raggy Quilt I made while pregnant.   Jen from Mend and Make New has been doing the same with her sweet little Pip, after I had suggested it to her.  So it only makes sense that I should do the same.

She looks so tiny!!!!

I can't wait to look back on these pics in a years time.

So.... what is everyone else up to lately while I've been stuck on the couch breastfeeding and toddler wrangling?  Give me the goss!


  1. So pretty I wish I had done that with my lot.

    I haven't being doing much the weather is fine when I am busy and wet when I have nothing to do...Melbourne Spring time

  2. She is so sweet! She looks like you Cass :) She has your eyes. I love the photo idea. I was I did something creative like that when Sunny was growing.

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I've been sewing like a mad woman this week! Another late night for me but I'm loving it :)

  3. Oh so gorgeous! She seems so tiny. I also wish I'd done monthly pictures with my girls but oh well - I still have lots of great ones.

    Today was the kinder excursion to Bundoora Park Homestead where they have native animals and farm animals. Anna loved every second of it - her highlight was the pony ride. It was great being able to go with her :)

  4. She is such a gorgeous lil one. Enjoy her being small.

  5. Working hard!

    I have monthly photos with both mine and I love it!

  6. Aww what a sweet little cutie! xx


I love reading your comments and value each and every one of them!

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