11 February, 2013

The Simple Things...

The gorgeous Amy from Actually Amy has recently started up a new linky, simply known as The Simple Things.  I love the idea of this. 

 It's all about sharing the simple things that have made you smile. 

Actually Amy

This little girl, who just keeps blowing me away with how quickly she's growing, makes me smile ALL. THE. TIME!!!

This week Hannah worked out how to blow bubbles without eating the liquid.
She just loves bubbles.  What kid doesn't!!!

Such a simple thing that brings so many smiles.


  1. I love that stage Cass. Just wish my kids would learn how to blow up balloons! LOL

    Anne xx

  2. I love that stage too! Ethan just mastered the same skill.

    Thanks for linking up Cass. That made me smile x

  3. Aww bless her cotton socks.

  4. She is beautiful. Gorgeous pics x

  5. Hi Cass, Just testing to see if you can reply to my comment. x


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