17 February, 2013

Sunday Session #6 - Led Zeppelin Rock My World...

Ahh yes!  There's nothing like a bit of good old fashion Rock 'n Roll is there!

As a child (around 8) I can recall hiding downstairs in shame when my parents would play their Pink Floyd, Daddy Cool and Led Zeppelin vinyl at high volume on the weekends.  Perhaps I thought we'd get complaints from the neighbours?

Then I hit adolescence and found that I actually quite liked a bit of loud music... especially since that was what the long haired teenage boys liked!  Yep... I was a sucker for long haired louts back then!

So today I thought I'd share with you a few of my faves from the founders of Rock in it's greatest form!

Ladies and gentleman..... I give you....

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Led Zeppelin!!!

Well there's 3 of many favourites... I really had a hard time choosing! But the first one, D'Yer Mak'er would have to be my top pick.  Misty Mountain Hop has always been one I've held dear to my heart ever since I was about 16 and Whole Lotta Love... well... that's just one of the coolest songs ever!  The guitar in that song is unbelievable!!! 

So tell me... are you a fan of the Rock and the Roll?

Can't wait to see what tunes you've all shared this week!

The Rules are pretty simple....

There are no rules!!!

You could post about ...

What you're listening to right now, 

What song has been stuck in your head all week,  
Your favourite tunes of all time,
What you love to sing as you sew,
...anything music related really!

Include a youtube clip of your choice(s) so that everyone can have a listen too! 

Then link up here each Sunday for Sunday Sessions.

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  1. I love Led Zeppelin.
    Misty Mountain Hop has always been one of my favourites.
    I also really like When The Levee Breaks.
    And I am also a sucker for Stairway to Heaven!

  2. Ok, now you're freaking me out. I was going to feature "Black Dog" today but changed my mind at the 11th hour because its my birthday this week. Love your taste girl. Its so hard to pick just three but for now my favourite (this will always be number 1) is "Rock'n'Roll". The name and the sound of the song just epitomise rock'n'roll for me. Second might have to be "Tangerine" for personal reasons (there's a love story in there) and ummmmm, "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp" for Jimmy Page's pure brilliance and I love the sound of the song. We should get together and have a Led Zepplin party one day. Better practice my head bangin'. LOL Love it!!!

    Anne xx

  3. D'Yer Mak'er has always been a favourite of mine. When I met my husband (21 years ago this Friday!) this was the music that my flatmates were playing so it has a special place in my heart. Sorry I missed last week's session, but I plan to make up for it with some music that you mightn't have heard before.

  4. My Dad used to be a DJ back in the 70"s so music was always loud & rocking at our house! I loved it. You have given me a happy memory. My friends used to come to my house to listen to all the old, cool music! I still have my Dad's record collection & there is a numer of Led Zepplin records in the pile.

    Jos xx

  5. I don't mind a little Led , though country rocks our world here with CMC and Hub's obsession.

  6. Rock On Cass! I am a big Led Zeppelin fan. They are one of the best rock bands ever. :-)

  7. Zeppelin absolutely rule!!! I've been able to see John Paul Jones live (with Them Crooked Vultures) and at the end of March I get to see Plant live at Blues n Roots.


I love reading your comments and value each and every one of them!

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