10 February, 2013

Sunday Session #5 - The Valentine's Day Edition...

It's that time of the year.  Valentine's Day is only a few days away! 

It's one of those days that you either love or hate.  Personally, I've always loved it.  When I'm not being worn ragged from darling children, I'm quite the sentimental, mushy romantic.  I have never gone as far as getting into those lovey dovey pet names like Smoochy Woochy or Bunnykins.  That kind of romanticness I just find awkward!  But I love romantic stuff like flowers and chocolates and heart felt love letters and extra special cuddle times ;-)

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You'd think that because I have a musician for a fiance, that I'd be serenaded on Valentine's Day or have a song written just for me.  Sadly that's not the case.  I liken it to the fact that if your husband is....  An electrician - you'll wait for ever for the light bulb to be changed.... A mechanic - you're car will take an eternity to be fixed.... A painter..... well... you get the picture!

It's ok that even though I may long to have a song written about me, that it may never happen.  Really I am.  I'm happy enough that each and every day, our home is filled with the sounds of a guitar, or banjo, or mandolin being strummed.

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I also consider myself lucky to have a great duo partner for when the opportunity arises.  So with that in mind, today for my Valentine's Day Edition of Sunday Session, I wanted to share with you two of the tunes that My Man the Muso and I have performed together as a duo.

And just for a little treat, I've chosen cover versions of those songs.  

Can you tell me the original artists?

Now it's your turn....

The Rules are pretty simple....

There are no rules!!!

You could post about ...

What you're listening to right now, 

What song has been stuck in your head all week,  
Your favourite tunes of all time,
What you love to sing as you sew,
...anything music related really!

Include a youtube clip of your choice(s) so that everyone can have a listen too! 

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  1. Maybe your husband will get the hint and you will have a song written just for you by Valentine's Day!

    The post I linked is actually about songs that I like to listen to in the kitchen, but in terms of romantic songs I still like our wedding song...Watch Over Me. And I can never think about cover songs without starting to sing Jeff Buckely's Hallelujah.

  2. Hi Cass. I remember seeing Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks (my fave) sing "Stop Dragging My Heart" at Lang Park when Tom Petty supported Bob Dylan. It was rumoured that Tom and Stevie were romantically involved. I don't know who sang a duet of "Milky Way" other than The Church. Nothing romantic happening around here. Hope you get that song written although I wouldn't mind hearing guitar, banjo or mandolin being played around the house. Lucky you.

    Anne xx

  3. You're lucky that your hubby sings with you. My husband only sings in the privacy of our home!

    I linked up some Pitch Perfect songs, I am mildly infatuated with that movie at the moment x

  4. I love that you both sing together. We do too. We don't do it well. But we sing together. In the car.

  5. How fantastic that you and hubby sing together. Talk about a team!
    Unfortunately the link was closed by the time I got here but I did post this week xx


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