29 November, 2012

Vintage Ruffled Apron Top Pattern + Tutorial ...

I'm in love with this little top!  

So Vintage...... So Summery........ So Ruffley!!!  

And did I mention So Vintage?

Due to popular demand, today I'm going to share with you how to make your own Vintage Ruffled Apron Top.  It's quite a nice and easy little project.  I'm a huge fan of nice & easy!

The pattern provided with this tutorial is for size 6 to 12 months.  You could easily adjust it to fit your princess though if they are a little smaller or bigger in size.

What you'll need...
2 x Fat Quarters for main panels
2 x Long Strips of Fabric for Ruffles (approx. 1yd x 3.6 Inches)
1 pack of 12mm Bias Binding (you'll need just under 3m)
Sewing Machine &/or Serger (Overlocker)
Matching Thread
Rotary Cutter & Mat (or Scissors)

Step 1. Create a rolled hem using your serger along one long edge of both of the strips that you've cut to use as the ruffles.  If you don't have a serger, you can create a thin hem to keep the edge neat and tidy.

Step 2.  I used my serger again to create the ruffles.  If you need a good tutorial for serged ruffles, check this one out from Sew Delicious.  If you don't have a serger, you can easily create ruffles the traditional way, as shown in this tutorial from Threading My Way.

Step 3.  Pin the ruffles to the bottom curve of the front panel, with right sides together and sew along that curve to attach.  

Step 4.  Serge (or zigzag stitch) the ruffle seam. Then trim excess ruffles from each side at roughly a right angle.

Step 5. Top stitch on the bodice panel, along the curve of the ruffled trim.

Step 6. Repeat the same steps for the back panel as you did for the front.  Cut a 4.5 Inch straight line down the centre of the back panel as per the marking on the pattern provided.

Step 7.  Sew on bias binding to the slit that you cut in the back panel.  

(If you're not sure on how to attach bias binding, scroll down a few steps and take a look at how I did it for the neck hole.)

Step 8. With your panels right sides together, sew the shoulder seams together, then serge or zigzag stitch to neaten. Once done, you'll have something that looks like the pic above.

Step 9.  Now we need to attach the bias binding for the neck hole.  The binding tape will act not only as the binding for the neck hole, but also the ties at the back. 

Cut 90cm of bias binding and fold in half, marking this halfway point. Then fold the front panel in half to find the centre point and mark this point too.  

Now open up one side of the bias binding at the centre point that you have just marked and match it to the centre edge that you marked on the neck hole and pin.  You'll be pinning to the wrong side of the fabric, with the flat side of the bias binding facing down, as pictured above.

Pin the bias binding from the centre out on either side.

Now sew a straight line from the start of one side of the neck hole to the other.  I like to use the crease from where the bias tape has been unfolded as my guide when sewing.

Step 10.  Now that one side of the bias binding is secured.  Fold the binding over and pin, as pictured above.

Once pinned along the neck hole, half the binding that is left on either side to form the ties.  You can iron this down to make life a little easier.

Starting at the very end of the binding, start sewing a straight stitch all the way along, as if you were sewing a top stitch. (The next two images will give you more of a visual of what this step entails.)

Step 11. Make sure that your ties match evenly in length and trim if you need to.  Then tie a knot at the end of each tie.

Here's what the front neckline should look like.

Step 12.  Cut 80cm of bias binding for each arm hole and attach using the same technique as you did for the neck hole.  Repeat this for the second arm hole.

Tie off arm holes in a bow & you are done!

I couldn't resist using this cute anchor as an embellishment for this one.

Here's one I whipped up earlier....

Those little bloomers are the perfect match!

Hannah loves her Vintage Ruffled Apron Top.

If you are looking for more inspiration to whip up your own Vintage Ruffled Apron Top, have a look at this one & this one too.

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I'd love to share your creations with the Cass Can Sew community!

Happy Sewing!!!

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  1. Sooooo freakin' cute. Would go so well with all the nautical themes vintage children's pieces I have and some mummy pieces as well. Gee you're talents mumma. X

  2. That is so gorgeous! Oh perfect for Summer!

  3. oh this is so cute. I love both, especially the nautical one. I wonder if my 3yo would wear one?

    1. Thanks Cinti. The nautical one is my favourite too. You should just make one for you lil miss anyway.. it's too cute not to ;-)

  4. This is so cute!!! Am I too old to wear it?

  5. Oh my gosh! This is just adorable and so is your little model. Super cute. I need to get this made fast since my Granddaughter is 9 months old now.

    Thank you.

  6. I love this top. I like the bindings for finishing. It makes life making children's clothing so much easier. Thanks for sharing
    Donna @onceuponasewingmachine.com

  7. Hi Cass, I featured your vintage apron today...

  8. This is the most gorgeous top I've seen Cass! I'm going to have to enlarge it to fit my baby (my 4 year old)... I'm so glad you shared it!

    Sophie xo

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