20 May, 2012

Thifted - The Local Church Jumble Sale

The local church held it's annual Jumble Sale over the weekend.  When I saw the big sign hanging over the fence, I got all tingly with anticipation of all the vintage goodness I would be able to scour through!

When I think Church Jumble Sale, I think, pot plants, antique furniture, tons of Mills & Boon novels, knick-knacks, vinyl, lovingly handmade tea cosies, barbie toilet roll covers & those lacy knitted coat hangers.... All at original 1975 prices!!!

I know that you are all eager to cast your eyes over my treasures.... So I'll be quiet now and just upload the pics!

I remember having this butterfly coaster set in our house as a child.  My mum informed me yesterday that my Aunty had brought one of these back for us from her trip to Malaysia in the early 80's.  Considering the age and the fine work, it's in really good shape!  Only one of the butterflies has broken up a bit and there is one spot in the basket that has a tiny break.

Not quite Pyrex, but close enough!

Doilies, Lace Trim & Bias Binding

I behaved myself with this pattern haul!  There were so many more great vintage patterns that I could have taken home with me... but I'm trying to behave.  These were my top 10 picks, snapped up for a grand total of $4!!!

Here's a better look at some of my favourites...

I also managed to tick a few more of these Tijuana Brass beauties off my list...

I also came home with a stack of delightful tea cups that were sitting in a box, labelled "Free, take as many as you like".  I love signs like that!  I'll save them to share with you in another instalment of Thrifted.

Do you like to indulge in a Jumble Sale thrift?

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  1. Hello from sunny Spain

    I'm a newish follower to your blog.

    I remember my mother using patterns like those and that was awhile ago. The little girl patterns look similar to dresses they still wear. I can understand when you say you go all tingly before going to a jumble sale...best description yet and I understand perfectly.

    Amanda :-)

  2. I used to have a few EPs and LPs by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, bought in the late 60s or early 70s. I suppose I gave them to an Op shop. Some great pattern finds, Cass!!! You might have to lengthen the dresses though. We really did wear dresses and skirts much shorter than now days.

  3. Wow so many beautiful patterns. I love your doilies and laces too. I struggle to leave them behind.

  4. My mother had that album on the bottom right - I still like the Tijuana Brass! It makes me feel happy to listen to.


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