25 February, 2014

Bunting Tutorial for Bee & Birdie Magazine...

I'm just a tad excited! Issue 2 of Bee & Birdie Magazine has just been released and my Bunting Tutorial has been featured!

 A couple of months ago, the creator, Melissa Stampa contacted me asking if I wanted to contribute to a new digital magazine, Bee & Birdie.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!   

Melissa is one of those amazing women who has the ability to shine in any artistic facet that she attempts, be it photography, sewing, crochet... I could go on and on really.  Bee & Birdie Magazine is yet another successful notch under her belt!

Issue 2 features my easy to follow bunting tutorial, perfect for even the greenest of sewists. 

A brilliant article on DIY Newborn Photography Props from Danni Best, of Kipindi Photography.

There's also a great interview with fellow Queensland Seamstress & lover of all things vintage, Kate Weychart from Katie Makes a Dress.

Bee & Birdie Magazine is on the look out for more wonderful contributors.  So if you've got a tutorial, article, review to share why not get in contact

You can get your copy of Issue 2 here.

Or grab the iPhone app here!

I'd love to know what you think!  And don't forget to spread the word and help promote a fantastic home grown magazine.

02 February, 2014

Playing with Headscarves...

A few weeks ago I decided to draft my own headscarf pattern for baby Stephanie.  I see headscarves everywhere at the moment and just adore them.  The 50's-60's style ones look super cute on little girls.  My friend is always posting pics on Instagram of her gorgeous toddler Zara donning funky headscarves. So I thought I'd whip one up for Steph.

I think I came up with a pretty good pattern.  Only problem is the sizing wasn't quite right for babies!  This one is just a tad too big for a 5 month old, but perfect for ages 3 to 8.  I gave this one to my friends daughter, who fell in love with it immediately.  I only wish I had have made her pose for a photo so that I could share it with you!

The scarf came together really easily.  It's a nice quick project.  When I get the chance, I'll be playing around with sizings a little bit more and might even post a free pattern and tutorial.

I'm loving this fabric too.  I can't share the name of the print, as it came from my stash that was kindly given to me from my cousin. I love that I have about 3m of it though!  I'd love to whip up a little skirt or a pair of cute shorts for Hannah out of it too.  Ooh! Or dare I say matching shorts for the girls??? hehe.

Do you ever look at something & think, "Oh I can do that!  It'll be easy!" or do you play it safe and prefer to follow a pattern?


30 January, 2014

An update of sorts...

Oh hey there blogosphere!  

It's been a while.  

Who knew having two under 3 plus a teenager could be so time consuming!  I've missed you guys. Really I have!  

The last few months have just been crazy, but I have managed to get in a little bit of sewing time. Phew.  But sneaking in a bit of sewing time here and there has left little time for this poor neglected blog.  

Also, every time for the last two weeks, when I have just sat down to start writing, this little darling decides to wake up!

I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things with a few little catch up posts, sharing what I've been working on lately.  You may have seen a few pics here and there if you follow me via Instagram.

In the mean time.... tell me...

What have you all been up to?

21 November, 2013

Three Months - She's growing too fast...

Can you believe it!  Stephanie is now three months old.  Yes... I say this with all of my babies, but she truly is growing too fast!  Perhaps it's because she is our last baby?  All I know is that time seems to be flying by.

We've made it past what I consider to be the hardest months of a newborns life now.  Stephanie is much more aware of her surroundings.  She's starting to sleep a little better, albeit on her tummy! We've made it to three months of exclusive breastfeeding & still going strong! Just this week she has worked out how to use those teeny fingers to grasp things like the skinny legs on her birdy rattle and her big sisters hair!  She's happy to lie down on the floor for play time now too and is lifting her head like a little champion when she has tummy time. 

I'm starting to sort through Steph's size 0000 and 000 clothes, getting them ready to pass onto other babies.  I think that's when it really starts to hit home about how quickly she is growing!  So many clothes that have never had the chance to be worn!!!

So anyway.... here's little miss Stephanie's three month growth photo.

...and here's the side by side comparison of each month...

This little sweetie just melts my heart like nothing else in this world.

(Oh! apart from her sisters... of course!!!)

PS... Watch this space!  
Because now that things are starting to get easier, I'm hoping to find more time to blog and sew again!  Which is something I'm pretty darn excited about, as you can well imagine.
Normal broadcasting will commence shortly. Hahaha!

27 October, 2013

Two Months...

I'm a tad late with Stephanie's 2 month growth pic...
 but I suppose it's better late than never!

The time is just whizzing by!  

She's not a fan of sleeping during the day, unless attached to mummy.  Thankfully she sleeps well at night!  

We love her little chats, she goos and gahs and Steph loves it when we sing to her.

I love this side by side comparison.  It shows just how good that mumma's milk is!!!

Can't wait to see the difference next month.

02 October, 2013


Obviously, I haven't had much time for blogging, let alone sewing of late.  But I just had to share with you these gorgeous images that the wonderful, multi-craft talented Jos from Sew. Cook. Laugh. Live did for me recently.

Warning..... They will make you cluck!!!

Aren't they just beautiful!

18 September, 2013

One Month....

As predicted, time is just flying by!  Our lovely little Stephanie is 6 weeks old today.  

Can you believe it!!!

(posted on instagram today)

Today we went to Steph's 6 week check up... ouchy needles included.  She has pretty much doubled her birth weight now and is 4.3kg (approx 9lb 4oz).... so obviously loving her Mumma's milk!  She quite the little guzzler!  We're starting to see a few smiles and she just adores her big sisters.

Last week I decided to start measuring Stephanies' growth by taking photos of her on the Vintage Striped Raggy Quilt I made while pregnant.   Jen from Mend and Make New has been doing the same with her sweet little Pip, after I had suggested it to her.  So it only makes sense that I should do the same.

She looks so tiny!!!!

I can't wait to look back on these pics in a years time.

So.... what is everyone else up to lately while I've been stuck on the couch breastfeeding and toddler wrangling?  Give me the goss!

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