03 September, 2014

8 Fabulous DIY Father's Day Projects...

Father's Day has crept up on me once again!

I can never remember if it's the first or second Sunday in September here in Australia.  With a few days to go, I went in search of some fab DIY Father's Day projects that I could whip up in a day.

So I thought I'd share what I found with you guys.  

There are some fantastic modern projects out there now that don't leave Dad pretending to smile when he unwraps yet another pair of undies or hankies!

21 August, 2014

Free Applique Template: The Quiet Fox

I've been busy lately with another passion of mine, design. So today I thought I'd share with you this cute little free to download applique template, The Quiet Fox.
 I've made The Quiet Fox available for free download to use in your next crafty project.  This template is perfect for applique, felt, scrapbooking, card making & more.

25 February, 2014

Bunting Tutorial for Bee & Birdie Magazine...

I'm just a tad excited! Issue 2 of Bee & Birdie Magazine has just been released and my Bunting Tutorial has been featured!

 A couple of months ago, the creator, Melissa Stampa contacted me asking if I wanted to contribute to a new digital magazine, Bee & Birdie.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!   

02 February, 2014

Playing with Headscarves...

A few weeks ago I decided to draft my own headscarf pattern for baby Stephanie.  I see headscarves everywhere at the moment and just adore them.  The 50's-60's style ones look super cute on little girls.  My friend is always posting pics on Instagram of her gorgeous toddler Zara donning funky headscarves. So I thought I'd whip one up for Steph.

30 January, 2014

An update of sorts...

Oh hey there blogosphere!  

It's been a while.  

Who knew having two under 3 plus a teenager could be so time consuming!  I've missed you guys. Really I have!  

21 November, 2013

Three Months - She's growing too fast...

Can you believe it!  Stephanie is now three months old.  Yes... I say this with all of my babies, but she truly is growing too fast!  Perhaps it's because she is our last baby?  All I know is that time seems to be flying by.

27 October, 2013

Two Months...

I'm a tad late with Stephanie's 2 month growth pic...
 but I suppose it's better late than never!

The time is just whizzing by!  

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